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The law firm, Foreman * Watson, started in 1994 in Owensboro, Kentucky, and Jeff Forman and Jim Watson set up a firm that places emphasis on real estate, business and transaction law. In 2008, Forman Watson entered other legal fields, including divorce, family law, criminal defense and real estate, and added lawyer Tyler H. Megan P. Johnson, Holly B in 2009. Lindsey. In 2008, the company opened an office in Hartford, Kentucky to provide better service to residents of Ohio County. In January 2012, Forman Watson officially announced his membership in Travis L. As a management partner, Holtrey has formally changed its company name to Foreman * Watson * Holtrey, LLP. Holtrey, who filed lawsuits across the Kentucky for complex personal injury cases, has extensive experience in the Personal Damage Act, the Corporate and Small Business Law. This addition allows Foreman * Watson * Holtrey to focus on personal litigation.

Established in 1994


Owensboro, Bowling Green, Hartford and Carhoun's offices, Forman Watson Holtley and LLP, are local law offices that support legal issues such as car wrecks, damaging from dangerous property situations, family law, probationary and real estate transactions. No matter what legal concerns you have, we will discuss your case and provide you with a free initial consultation to explain how our attorneys help you.

B.A. Political Science B.A. Western Kentucky University Voice Communication, 1992
& nbsp;* Total Rounds
& nbsp;* National Rank Dibeta, Collegiate Cross Examination Divate Association

J.D. Louis D. Louisville University, Brandis Faculty of Law, 1995
 * Dean & Amplifier; #39;s list
 * Mootcourt Committee

My family taught me a strong desire to work and dedication to achievement. I went to West Kentucky University to compete for academic discussions. As the captain of the debate team, I led the team from National Rankings #165 to #4 in just two years. The law school competed with Motcourt at a national convention, again gained national awareness and drove eighth to competition in Motcourt.

I promise the same kind of work I do to my clients. Since 1995, I have been supporting the people of Kentucky and the entire United States. They are injured and need guidance because of various unhappy situations.

Travis H.
business owner